Care Aware – The Moments Matter

So its Mother’s Day 2022. Ideally, it’s a day for “nurturers” to accept some nurturing. If that is you, did you allow yourself to receive some care and nurturing on this day?  Perhaps like me you have noticed on Mother’s Days past, that nurturing does not always show up from whom or how you expected it? KnowingContinue reading “Care Aware – The Moments Matter”

Care Aware – It Takes A Village

This week – Have you shown your care for someone who cares for a child? This week’s campaign question is prompted by the reminder I had recently that “it takes a village to raise a child”. The reminder came from Felicity Graham* who at 18 has already authored a book “Not Held Down” and whoContinue reading “Care Aware – It Takes A Village”

2022 – A Happy New Year to you!

As the new year settles in, it’s time to launch The Care Aware Campaign – which is a positive initiative to encourage us all to foster our resilience in 2022, This is a social awareness campaign highlighting the human capacity to care. Our capacity to care about each other seems to be as important asContinue reading “2022 – A Happy New Year to you!”

Picturing Power

Picture this… A library in Whyalla in rural South Australia, it is the lunch break during a day’s workshop and people are eating and enjoying some chit-chat together… And then picture this… As she eats, Cherie is talking with a local mum, Rachel. Rachel is a leader within her own fam, and she is committedContinue reading “Picturing Power”

SESSION#6 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”

The theme for our conversation in this Zoom session on 8th July was Creative Caring We talked about how the family carer role is an opportunity to be C R E A T I V E in so many ways. Admittedly, when super busy it may seem easier to let go of our creative hobbiesContinue reading “SESSION#6 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation””

SESSION#5 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”

The theme for conversation in our Zoom session on 1st July was Sustainable Caring…. Today we discussed whether it is important for the carer role to be sustainable and what we can do to keep it sustainable. Current definitions of sustainability usually link to global environmental care…which we found applicable to family caring too reallyContinue reading “SESSION#5 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation””

SESSION#4 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”

As promised, in our Zoom session on 24th June we got to discuss Do-able Caring. It was fascinating to hear about the variety of things we each do to support our family members who require additional care. These things relate to the strengths and the needs of the people we are each caring for.  TheContinue reading “SESSION#4 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation””

SESSION#3 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”.

In session 3 of our conversational series we talked about Compassionate Caring.  By definition compassion is an awareness – awareness of the suffering of other people and living things around us, combined with the desire to relieve that suffering.  Being aware of suffering is not a comfortable feeling – and of course it can beContinue reading “SESSION#3 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”.”