Programs and Services

Heart Choice Enterprises adds value by designing and developing solutions with people who have disability and their carers and support workers, and by nurturing and educating for Well-being and Resilience.

Goal-directed Occupational Therapy Services – capacity building (and rehabilitation) in the home and community is available for adults with an acquired brain injury or neurological condition – to discuss or refer yourself or another person, please contact Cherie by phone 0401 065 234 or email
Education and Wellbeing Programs for Carers and Support workers – to find out about upcoming dates and venues for sessions that you can attend personally, or to request sessions for support staff within a community care or residential organisation, please contact Cherie by phone 0401 065 234 or email
Praxis for Purpose, Wellbeing and Resilience Programs and Consultancy – to book into upcoming events and programs offered by Cherie and her collaborators in NOW Leadership Inc in the social change and social enterprise space – please contact Cherie by phone 0401 065 234 ore email or click here to view the NOW Leadership website or email

By hovering on the “Programs and Services” tab above – you will find a drop down menu with more information about the services offered by Heart Choice Enterprises.

Please contact Cherie M:0401 065 234 to discuss how Heart Choice Enterprises services can be tailored to best serve your particular setting and meet your individual, team or community needs.


CONTACT ME TODAY – Cherie Rowett


M: 0401 065 234


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