Programs and Services

Heart Choice Enterprises adds value by growing Well-being and Resilience

With a supportive and innovative leadership style, over twenty years of providing occupational therapy in the health and disability field, and a lifetime of experience in the family carer role, Cherie Rowett brings expertise in making life do-able, enhancing occupational performance,  and identifying needs, skills and strengths with individuals and groups.  She also brings experience as an educator with a wholistic understanding of wellbeing, neuroscience and human potential, and a love of facilitating hands-on and reflective learning.

Please contact Cherie to discuss your individual, team or community needs.

We are indeed living in the Collaborative Era and at Heart ChoiceEnterprises we embrace co-creative approaches.

You can read about various Heart Choice Enterprises services by hovering on the “Programs and Services” tab above – there you will find a drop down menu with a description of each service.   You will find collaborative endeavours featured there too.

Do not hesitate to contact Cherie on M:0401 065 234 to discuss how Heart Choice Enterprises services can be tailored to your setting and needs.



CONTACT ME TODAY – Cherie Rowett


M: 0401 065 234




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