Reflect, Regroup, Revitalise

This half day or day program creates a safe space for facilitated review of caring practices and incidents and achievements.  Here care experiences and challenges can be unpacked, achievements celebrated, best practice improvements identified and workshopped. Next steps can be planned too which may include monitoring and review sessions, education, mentoring to name but a few.

This workshop provides a facilitated reflective process for care teams (eg including family carers and community support workers); or for members of business, enterprise and project teams in the health and disability sector.  It can be useful on an ad-hoc/as needs basis or on an annual or bi-annual basis.

The workshop is always designed in consultation with the niche needs of the participants/project, and always includes features to support participants’ wellbeing.

Contact me today to discuss and book your “Reflect, Regroup, Revitalise” session – Cherie Rowett M: 0401 065 234