Capacity Building

Heart Choice Enterprises provides occupational therapy services that aid recovery and build capacity with adults following acquired brain injury, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, neurosurgery – helping them to achieve their goals.

Don’t let disability limit your quality of life….
  • Be able to access your home and community environments
  • Learn how to use the power of neuroplasticity to assist your recovery
  • Identify solutions and strategies to overcome frustrations
  • Enjoy graded therapy programs that build on your strengths and success
  • Establish sustainable home programs of practice
  • Choose the right level of challenge for relearning skills
  • Understand when and how to introduce new activities and hobbies to your life
  • Recognise the value in your determination and persistence
  • Understand the journey to adjustment and acceptance
  • Work with encouraging practitioners who notice your progress

We seek to understand You, your situation and your goals,

we ask Questions, we Listen, and we hear your Concerns,

we Explain our evaluation findings and recommendations clearly, and

we bring our Knowledge and Experience to develop Solutions and Strategies

collaboratively;  enabling you & your family to move forward with Confidence.

Capacity building with Heart Choice Enterprises occurs in your home and community settings.  Liaison with members of your family, care & support team, and your medical/allied health team is available, with your consent.

The Occupational Therapy services include:-

  1. Assessment of functional independence and occupational performance abilities
  2. Goal focussed therapy programs to build skills and capacities
  3. Activities of daily living training programs
  4. Home assessments for equipment, modification and access needs
  5. Family education sessions
  6. Support worker programs
  7. Driver assessment & rehabilitation programs
  8. Scooter prescription & training
  9. Solution and strategy planning to overcome challenges and build on strengths

To make or discuss a referral, please contact Cherie Rowett on Tel: 0401 065 234