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With a supportive and innovative leadership style and over twenty-five years of providing occupational therapy services in the health and disability field, Cherie Rowett brings expertise in making life do-able, enhancing occupational performance, and identifying needs, skills, strengths and solutions with individuals and groups. Cherie has worked in multidisciplinary teams in both the public and private sectors, developed funding applications, coordinated funded projects, published in peer reviewed journals and provided editorial peer review for the Australian Occupational Therapy journal.  She also brings experience as a university educator with a wholistic understanding of occupation, wellbeing, neuroscience and human potential, and a love of facilitating hands-on and reflective learning.

Cherie says:- we can learn a lot through formal education avenues – and the lived experiences embedded in our daily lives can teach us enormous lessons too.

me and sis

One of the best teachers I’ve ever had in the areas of empathy and resilience has been my sister, who has a congenital disability.   Having her special needs to consider in our family taught us the important role of compassion and connection for resilience. I have much admiration for her courageous spirit in the face of many challenges.  And witnessing the valuable role of an occupational therapist in assisting my sister during our childhood inspired me in my choice of profession.                               

More recently, life has again shown me the importance of resilience – this time as a wife facing bereavement.

20190210_224002 (2)

Since 2013 we had faced an uncertain future due to my husband’s cancer diagnosis. It was certainly challenging to face this unwelcome medical condition. We met many doctors and nurses in the next few years. The ability of many of them to connect and genuinely care boosted our resilience.  We developed various coping strategies along the way. Then after my husband’s passing, further coping strategies were essential in facing the loss, the grief, and the many practical changes involved. Throughout the whole journey empathy, love and support from family and friends was so helpful.

With these life lessons it is no wonder that compassion and resilience are signature brand values at Heart Choice Enterprises.

I speak to camera about aspects of my story in this video…


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