Our services can assist you with navigating the demands of your caring role.
Are you providing any care to someone with special needs in your family or friendship circle? – perhaps through practical assistance, encouragement and friendship, social inclusion and advocacy – or all of that and more!
Whatever the nature of the role for you… recent or long term, part-time or full-time, live-in or living apart… caregiving is an important role alongside other roles in your life.

In supporting them on their journey, you are also on a journey of your own.

Heart Choice Enterprises is here for you with insight into the contemporary caregiving context. Together we can consider how the caregiving role is inviting you to grow, and how you can look after yourself in the process.
Our services are convenient to access – tailored to your individual needs, availability and locality. Connecting via Zoom if you live beyond Adelaide & surrounds.
Exchange: $35 for one hour | $60 for two hours | $5 travel costs
Let’s book in a time – I love to bring these services to support you in your caregiving.
Enquiries and Bookings via E:
or M: 0401 065 234
Mentoring is a non-professional service that focusses on listening well and helping you cope and grow in the caregiving role.
One-off or Ongoing Mentoring can be of benefit, whatever your caregiving situation.

Call Cherie today to book a “Caregiver Conversation” | M: 0401 065 234

It can be hard to switch from our usual busy routines into the mindful zone for supporting our own wellbeing. That is where these facilitated sessions add real value, connecting you with nature locally and helping you to quiet the mind, and shift brain waves within a constructive one hour session. The perfect way for the busy caregiver to reduce stress. And making a great gift for a caregiver you know and love!

Call Cherie today to book an “Hour with Nature” session | M: 0401 065 234



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