Community Wellbeing

Heart Choice Enterprises works with individuals, groups and communities to co-create  more well-being, resilience and harmony.

This is the “Collaborative Era” and multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches are definitely the way forward for effective social change. In practical terms, this requires the people and teams who want to collaborate to have the ability to embrace diversity, the willingness to establish their common values, and the techniques to achieve cooperation.

Heart Choice Enterprises loves to join forces for aligned causes. Some recent examples of collaborative initiatives and projects are shown below:-

  • NOW Leadership Inc (ongoing since 2014) – Creating New Opportunities For The World By Supporting Women In Their Leadership.  You can have a look around the NOW Leadership Inc website and checkout the events and resources developed that support the NOW Leadership Inc campaigns for positive social change.
    • For example this collaborative initiative  which was an event for Harmony Day 2017 was made possible through cooperation between the not-for-profit and business sectors, and keynote speakers and audience of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Happy Hearts Hub (2014-2017) – four aligned business women co-created a mobile platform for experiential learning about wellbeing. Drawing on our complementary areas of expertise, we facilitated conversational events in our local area, including contributing collaboratively to local council Harmony Day celebrations in 2016 and 2017.
    • For example production of this video in 2016 was made possible through our  collaborative relationships and cooperative approach with people from various not-for- profit, business and local government organisations, and with people from the local community who voluntarily spoke from their hearts on the topic of what Belonging meant to them.  Good will, respect, inclusiveness and harmony were the unifying values for all involved in the project.