It’s time for another conversational event…

Creating time to start a new conversation about our life or life in general is more valuable than we think!  Bringing time for community connection and for some well deserved self-care to the top of the ‘to do’ list is important. Sometimes we just have to press the pause button and have a real conversationContinue reading “It’s time for another conversational event…”

A World of Music and Dance in 2015!

This year we had the joy of going to Womadelaide for one glorious day and evening.  The photo here shows some of the beautiful banners that claimed Botanic Park as a “world of music and dance” for the weekend. Once again, Mother Nature provided the perfect park setting for WOMAD. Here we gathered in aContinue reading “A World of Music and Dance in 2015!”

Welcome to 2015!

So here we are on the eve of a new year! And to celebrate this we enter the human tradition of gathering together to figuratively step across the threshold from one year into the next. A whole range of emotions can arise in each of us at this time each year. Being together on thisContinue reading “Welcome to 2015!”

Being and Feeling

Some days are frenetically busy. They can hold an enjoyable sense of momentum and an adrenaline- filled buzz. Of course there is the risk of spiraling into stress when continuing at a high pace for too long. Other days bring opportunity for a different rhythm. I love it when they come along. For when theContinue reading “Being and Feeling”

Recalling our first “Conversational Afternoon Tea” event in November 2014

Sundays can be a day to relax and reflect and connect again with being creative or recreate-ive!  And on a particular Sunday afternoon – of all the things we have the liberty to choose to do in suburban Adelaide, Australia – how special it was to have 20 women choose to come together for aContinue reading “Recalling our first “Conversational Afternoon Tea” event in November 2014″

In the Eye of the Beholder

On our walk home from the train station yesterday, junior and I paused to admire and talk about a eucalyptus tree together. What a delightful sight to behold. Last season’s pinkish bark is being shed and the smooth white layer beneath is gradually being revealed. This tree is growing from the ground to the sky,Continue reading “In the Eye of the Beholder”

The next chapter….

  Recently we have been replacing a 30 year old outdoor structure in our backyard – before it falls down! And the old materials that have been taken down are now being loaded into a large commercial bin for removal and recycling. What a big and tedious job before we get to enjoy the lightContinue reading “The next chapter….”

  Head and Heart at work As a working woman I am sure it is that necessary combination of my mind and heart in my work role which has held my interest for decades now in my chosen vocation. I do need to invest intellect and rationality in assessing, recommending and providing relevant interventions toContinue reading