A wonderful read that sparks some wondering…

What a wonderful book we have just finished reading in our household. It came highly recommended by a friend who had read it with her kids (a shout out to you here Libby, thanks!). For me, a well written book tells a solid story, keeps me engaged and evokes my emotions.  So I was thrilledContinue reading “A wonderful read that sparks some wondering…”

Praxis – what’s it good for?

As an occupational therapist who has researched apraxia I am often asked – what is praxis? The term praxis in the neurological sense is the human ability to turn our ideas or impulses into doing!  Specifically, the ability to know what, when and how to perform actions to achieve skilled task performance. A very simpleContinue reading “Praxis – what’s it good for?”

The value of harmony

Recently my collaborators and I in NOW Leadership Academy Inc and Happy Hearts Hub invited other potential collaborators to join with us in creating a Harmony Day celebration.  It was interesting to discuss together our various views of harmony when we met. I found myself recalling experiences of creating vocal harmony as a member ofContinue reading “The value of harmony”

Heart Choice Families – February fun!

We gathered, we did – we 4 families, being 6 parents and 8 kids – and in our gathering circle to open we each shared a highlight from our week.  We found the start of the school year and the return of busy routines was a common feature. We then walked the 5 minute strollContinue reading “Heart Choice Families – February fun!”

November gathering of Heart Choice Families

This month four families gathered and the activity we shared was cooking puddings in preparation for Christmas. A few of us usually partake in this seasonal tradition with our blood relatives, but hey, this feels like family too. It was a beautiful day of mild, fine weather and so we did all the preparations outsideContinue reading “November gathering of Heart Choice Families”

Heart Choice Families fun on 3rd Sept

  Abundance from the garden led us to a cooking activity this month on our afternoon together.   Cherie and Dan yielded a huge bunch of chard from their garden. Then many hands made light work with slicing the chard, leeks, zucchini. Everyone joined in again with stuffing the wilted vegies into the cannelloni shells. TheContinue reading “Heart Choice Families fun on 3rd Sept”

OUr DiveRsity is our StrEngtH

“Our diversity is our strength” – this was the Harmony Day 2016 theme. On the day – 21st March – all of us in the Happy Hearts Hub team – Elizabeth Ellames, Sue Lohmeyer, Gail Glastonbury and myself – were pleased to be hosting our pop-up at the “One Mitcham, Many Cultures” fair.  The fairContinue reading “OUr DiveRsity is our StrEngtH”

Well-being and Widening Horizons

Here I pick up again on the story of my friend “Catherine the Sailor” having shared previously about how her dream of launching a major sailing endeavour with her husband was cultivated and achieved.  This long distance cruising they have been doing for the past 8 years seems such an adventurous lifestyle to a landlubberContinue reading “Well-being and Widening Horizons”