Care Aware – It Takes A Village

This week – Have you shown your care for someone who cares for a child? This week’s campaign question is prompted by the reminder I had recently that “it takes a village to raise a child”. The reminder came from Felicity Graham* who at 18 has already authored a book “Not Held Down” and whoContinue reading “Care Aware – It Takes A Village”

Go Admire and Get Inspired – at SALA: South Australian Living Artists Festival

So often the work of great artists of history are accompanied with the tale of anonymity in life, and fame after death.  What a lovely thing it is then to have an annual Living Artists Festival here in South Australia. Each year throughout the month of August our state comes alive with the work ofContinue reading “Go Admire and Get Inspired – at SALA: South Australian Living Artists Festival”

Community Wellbeing in Winter

How tempting it can be in winter to stay inside in the warmth of our own homes! And yet heading out to participate in positive community events, can warm us from the inside out! Or at least that has been my experience of late. Last weekend Elizabeth and I from NOW Leadership Inc went toContinue reading “Community Wellbeing in Winter”