Carer Wellbeing

Carers and Support Workers are privileged to partner with people who have a degree of incapacity or disability – providing important practical assistance that enhances quality of life.

The care/support role sure can be a balancing act!  Balancing ability to lead…. with willingness to be of service; Balancing consideration of another’s needs…. with consideration of own needs.

It’s such an important role and the outcomes can be so rewarding, and yet at times it can also feel challenging and under-valued.

The Heart Choice Enterprises approach to carer wellbeing….Connection, Reflection, Education

At Heart Choice Enterprises we are committed to keeping the spirit of care alive and well – through tools for self care, wellbeing and resilience that help make life do-able for family carers and paid support workers alike.

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Caring for and supporting people is complex and there are many topics that can add value and vitality when unpacked through a facilitated session or series of sessions….

  • Is a “can do” attitude towards “disability” important?
  • Which activities will assist health and wellbeing with the person/people I care for?
  • How is my role contributing to positive behaviours?
  • Do I have a compass to guide me when the role gets challenging?
  • How can I constructively handle my impatience and frustration that arise at times?
  • Do I have enough coping strategies?
  • What does it mean to provide relationship-centred care?
  • Can my presence and attention add value in the caring role?
  • Have I got the balance right between empathising and having boundaries?
  • Where does my own Quality of Life fit in with this care and support role?
  • How do I keep on giving of myself without burning out?

Heart Choice Enterprises….making life do-able.

We encourage you to make time for

….nurturing and developing the Carer and the quality of Care.

….nurturing and developing the Support Worker and the quality of Support.

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