Go Admire and Get Inspired – at SALA: South Australian Living Artists Festival

So often the work of great artists of history are accompanied with the tale of anonymity in life, and fame after death.  What a lovely thing it is then to have an annual Living Artists Festival here in South Australia. Each year throughout the month of August our state comes alive with the work ofContinue reading “Go Admire and Get Inspired – at SALA: South Australian Living Artists Festival”

Community Wellbeing in Winter

How tempting it can be in winter to stay inside in the warmth of our own homes! And yet heading out to participate in positive community events, can warm us from the inside out! Or at least that has been my experience of late. Last weekend Elizabeth and I from NOW Leadership Inc went toContinue reading “Community Wellbeing in Winter”

“Balance for Better” – the 2019 theme for International Womens’ Day

Celebrating International Womens’ Day last week brought to mind the many women I know doing a multitude of amazing stuff every single day….. raising kids, supporting partners, supporting relatives with disability, tending to aging relatives, bouncing back from various crises and challenges, contributing in paid work roles, building businesses, studying to transition to other careers,Continue reading ““Balance for Better” – the 2019 theme for International Womens’ Day”

Everything you need will come to you wth perfect timing

Hey there peeps – happy new year to you!  I am kicking off my blogging for 2019 with an update with recent changes for me in the work arena. Displayed near my computer screen at Flinders University was a meme with this Chinese proverb:- “Everything You Need Will Come to You at the Perfect Time”.Continue reading “Everything you need will come to you wth perfect timing”

Self Care – it’s More than Important!

Last weekend I packed up the car, the child, the tent, some food, and “headed for the hills”.  We were going to visit friends on their land for a short camping trip.  On the day it did not seem the most important thing to be doing, but we were doing it anyway! There were manyContinue reading “Self Care – it’s More than Important!”

A wonderful read that sparks some wondering…

What a wonderful book we have just finished reading in our household. It came highly recommended by a friend who had read it with her kids (a shout out to you here Libby, thanks!). For me, a well written book tells a solid story, keeps me engaged and evokes my emotions.  So I was thrilledContinue reading “A wonderful read that sparks some wondering…”

Praxis – what’s it good for?

As an occupational therapist who has researched apraxia I am often asked – what is praxis? The term praxis in the neurological sense is the human ability to turn our ideas or impulses into doing!  Specifically, the ability to know what, when and how to perform actions to achieve skilled task performance. A very simpleContinue reading “Praxis – what’s it good for?”

The value of harmony

Recently my collaborators and I in NOW Leadership Academy Inc and Happy Hearts Hub invited other potential collaborators to join with us in creating a Harmony Day celebration.  It was interesting to discuss together our various views of harmony when we met. I found myself recalling experiences of creating vocal harmony as a member ofContinue reading “The value of harmony”

Heart Choice Families – February fun!

We gathered, we did – we 4 families, being 6 parents and 8 kids – and in our gathering circle to open we each shared a highlight from our week.  We found the start of the school year and the return of busy routines was a common feature. We then walked the 5 minute strollContinue reading “Heart Choice Families – February fun!”