What is Heart Choice Enterprises?

Heart Choice Enterprises is an occupational therapy consultancy offering therapeutic, advisory, education and facilitation services. 

The Heart Choice Enterprises Mission – Why do we exist?

The mission of Heart Choice Enterprises is to help people in making their chosen endeavours do-able and enjoyable – for more belonging, wellbeing and happiness in our world.

Vision – Where and When do we add value?

We assist adults who are living with disability and/or who are recovering from acquired injuries.

We support and connect with caregivers – individually and in small groups, face-to-face and online.

We consult with paid support workers/client mentors – individually and in small groups.

We provide a monthly blog about humanity’s superpower for overcoming challenging times – namely, the capacity for meaning, choice and adaptability in our endeavours.

Let’s tap into our brilliant praxis for purpose.

heart choice enterprises

Long live the light of compassion in caregiving.

heart choice enterprises

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