What is Heart Choice Enterprises?

Heart Choice Enterprises is an occupational therapy consultancy assisting communities and individuals to develop capabilities and strategies that make life do-able and enjoyable.

The Heart Choice Enterprises Mission – Why do we exist?

The mission of Heart Choice Enterprises is to renew a sense of belonging and purpose by encouraging people to create, connect and contribute . 

Vision – Where and When do we add value?

What people do is central to their experience of Being, Belonging and Becoming (ref: Wilcock). At times of disruption and change – the human drive to be meaningfully occupied prompts people to adapt and move forward.

New circumstances or environments can be an invitation for people to re-imagine, re-engage, re-connect and re-emerge with activities and roles that enhance health, happiness and quality of life.

The terms “occupation” and “occupational” refer here to meaningful activities and roles broadly, not just paid employment.

Engaging in chosen occupations is a powerful tool for human adaptation and resilience – individually, in our neighbourhoods, and globally.

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