At Heart Choice Enterprises our mission is to make life do-able by building individual and community Wellbeing, Resilience and Quality of Life.

We provide consultancy, facilitation, education and occupational therapy for:-

  • Carer Wellbeing:- nurturing quality of life with family carers and support workers
  • Capacity Building:- assisting adults who live with disability to achieve their goals
  • Community Wellbeing:- facilitating the growth of social enterprise

Please contact Cherie Rowett for more information, to discuss projects or to make referrals – mobile phone 0401 065 234 or email heartchoiceenterprises@iinet.net.au

Whilst you are here you are also invited to sign up to follow the Heart Choice Enterprises blog – these blogs are written with an occupational, holistic and humanitarian lens to share experiences, reflections and/or tips related to wellbeing, resilience, and making life do-able.

Please enjoy the Heart Choice Enterprises website, and thanks for landing here!

Heart Choice Enterprises – Making Life Do-Able


Cherie Rowett – Registered Occupational Therapist                                                    Consultant & Director at Heart Choice Enterprises

Tel: 0401 065 234 

E: cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au


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