Heart Choice Enterprises provides occupational therapy consultancy services to design solutions that assist people living with disability, and to assist with the needs and valuable role of carers and support workers.  You can read more via the NEUROadapt and CAREadapt tabs.

Heart Choice Enterprises also provides facilitation and education on wellbeing and resilience through an occupational lens, including for women building community and positive social change in/with their work/business. You can see more on this via the COMMUNITYadapt tab.

Please contact Cherie Rowett to discuss any of these services and make referrals –  mobile phone 0401 065 234 or email cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au

Whilst here you are invited to sign up to follow the Heart Choice Enterprises blog – these blogs are written with an occupational, holistic and humanitarian lens to share reflections, experiences and tips related to making life do-able, doing life with heart, and creating wellbeing and resilience.

Please enjoy the Heart Choice Enterprises website, and thanks for landing here!

Heart Choice Enterprises – Making Life Do-Able


Cherie Rowett – Registered Occupational Therapist                                                    Consultant & Director at Heart Choice Enterprises

Tel: 0401 065 234 

E: cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au


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