I am Cherie Rowett… and what I have come to know is that a Lifetime is an opportunity for developing our gifts and using them to benefit the course of humanity.

And Life invites us to align our daily, weekly, monthly actions with our biggest and best intentions for the long term….

striving to bring our best to each single day,

maintaining a vibrant spirit,

applying skills and mastery with intention,

using heart and mind to create new and better ways where needed,

and above all else, caring enough to connect and help each other to flourish.


Participating in meaningful social roles and activities has been shown in the occupational science and occupational therapy literature to be beneficial to human health and wellbeing. How important, then, to fill Life with a series of positive, purposeful and co-operative endeavours.

The three enterprises that I am cultivating focus on occupational therapy consulting with adults living with disability (NEUROadapt), and consulting with carers and support workers (CAREadapt), and consulting with NOW Leadership Inc to facilitate confidence and resilience in emerging female leaders and influencers (SOCIALCHANGEadapt).

More information about each can be found by clicking on their respective tab on the website. I’d love to discuss any of them with you – you can contact me via mobile phone 0401 065 234 or email cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au

I invite you to sign up to follow my blog here too – where I share reflections, experiences and tips about doing life with heart, about the resilience required in sustaining enterprise that aligns with our highest purpose, and about occupational science and occupational therapy matters – all intended to inspire and inform.

Now, over to you to explore the Heart Choice Enterprises website, with my thanks for landing here!


Cherie Rowett

Tel: 0401 065 234 

E: cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au


Cherie Rowett 

Consultant and Director

Heart Choice Enterprises – Doing Life with Heart 



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