Care Aware – The Moments Matter

So its Mother’s Day 2022. 
Ideally, it’s a day for “nurturers” to accept some nurturing. 
If that is you, did you allow yourself to receive some care and nurturing on this day? 

Perhaps like me you have noticed on Mother’s Days past, that nurturing does not always show up from whom or how you expected it? Knowing this to be true, especially as a mother with a teen, I decided in the morning that I would widen my radar for any source of nurturing no matter how small or left of field – I would drop any expectations and prescriptions, and instead open up to welcome any moments of nurturing – wherever and however they arrived. It would be a day of consciously allowing myself to be nurtured at some point. 

Perhaps you did this too? I hope so, because it makes you really present to enjoy the day – it certainly flipped my mindset from an expectation/disappointment orientation to simply being present and participating. Such a delightful way to approach the day, especially with all it’s hype! 

And so it was as I sipped a cup of tea that was made for me by a friend and found it to be perfect in every way – taste, temperature, and type of cup it was served in, I noticed that I was feeling nurtured – and I drank in the moment and how it had turned up. 

The taste of the tea also evoked fond memories of many cups of tea shared with my mother and grandmother, the common denominator being how the tea was made – having been made with loose-leaf tea leaves in a pot, rather than from a teabag. Wow – these memories of generations gone before added to the nurturing I felt today. Those important women in my life were of course imperfect in their mothering as am I – but the love they gave their kids shone through, it gave us a great foundation for life.

And over that cuppa today we friends got to talk together about big issues, diving deep with meaning and different perspectives, and I was reminded how much value we gain from listening to each other and seeking understanding with empathy, grateful for this other “family” we choose to create: made up of loyal friends. 

Tomorrow? Well tomorrow the mothering and nurturing roles resume as normal if they haven’t already, hopefully we will feel refreshed and encouraged from today.

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