Care Aware – It Takes A Village

This week – Have you shown your care for someone who cares for a child?

This week’s campaign question is prompted by the reminder I had recently that “it takes a village to raise a child”. The reminder came from Felicity Graham* who at 18 has already authored a book “Not Held Down” and who is on a mission to help the next generation of children experiencing foster care.

Foster parenting may be the road least travelled in the parenting world but foster parents need a village just as much as biological parents do, maybe more. So, hooray if this week you have actively shown you care for someone who is parenting or foster-parenting – you are keeping the needed “village” alive & well in their life – and collective gratitude to you!

*Felicity was interviewed by the NOW Empowerment Collective for an upcoming episode of the “NOW We’re Talking Radio Show” on Radio Italia Uno on Thursdays 6 to 7pm, and thereafter on the NOW Empowerment podcast on the NOW website.

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