2022 – A Happy New Year to you!

This is the logo for “Care Aware” – a Social Awareness Campaign for 2022 from Heart Choice Enterprises.

As the new year settles in, it’s time to launch The Care Aware Campaign – which is a positive initiative to encourage us all to foster our resilience in 2022, This is a social awareness campaign highlighting the human capacity to care. Our capacity to care about each other seems to be as important as ever right now, in this new year, as we reach for a turning point on so many fronts.

Yep – the Care Aware campaign – it’s about our h u m a n i t y

and it’s for our h u m a n i t y.

heart choice enterprises

Our biological capacity for empathy and compassion, for love and kindness; mean that humans are well equipped to be caring. Have you ever wondered why we are biologically wired to be caring? Maybe it’s key in helping us to stay connected? It certainly seems entwined with our individual and collective wellbeing and resilience.

As caring is a biological capacity. the only way to activate it is through personal choice. And how we get to express it is via attitude, intention, attention, words and actions. Being able to be appropriately caring is a true expression of your humanity and who you are and your capacities. Is it a struggle to keep the spirit of caring alive within? Is it helpful to open ourselves up to receiving caring from the outside in, can we thus tap into an abundant flow of caring?

The “Care Aware” social awareness campaign will run throughout 2022. You will see “Care Aware” posts popping up that are designed to bring caring to mind so we all remember to embrace it and express it in our friendships, families and communities.

Collectively we humans need to be generating major shifts on many fronts – and what keeps us motivated for that is caring deeply about a viable collective future How perfectly aligned with that big picture is to be more Care Aware on a micro scale too – in our daily lives and interactions.

Here’s a little taste of some of the questions that you may see popping up in the “Care Aware” posts this year. How do you like to experience and receive caring? How do you like to express and give caring? Is caring important in your life right now? Would love to hear your voice on the topic – please add your comments on instagram or here throughout this year.

So here we are welcoming another new year – 2022 no less! My happy new year wish is….through our warm hearts and kind minds may a sufficient measure of caring manifest in our lives and help us all to create a happy new year… all year long!

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