Picturing Power

Picture this… A library in Whyalla in rural South Australia, it is the lunch break during a day’s workshop and people are eating and enjoying some chit-chat together…

And then picture this… As she eats, Cherie is talking with a local mum, Rachel. Rachel is a leader within her own fam, and she is committed to contributing and leading in community initiatives whenever her energy permits -because she wants to grow more inclusion for people with diverse abilities within her town – co-creating better opportunities that will not just benefit her son as he grows up but all residents and tourists/visitors with lived experience of disability

Lean in to this… Cherie and Rachel discover that they both value collaboration…. they find it is essential for enhancing reach and impact for a shared cause or purpose

Which implies this…. The way in which people view P O W E R influences their willingness and success in collaborating.

Picture this…. A lit candle has a flame which can be easily shared without dimming its own light.   Rachel had seen a meme about this recently and we both discuss it’s truth and how people are more likely to relax into collaborating if we feel that power is share-able, not a scarce commodity nor a hierarchical thing.

Consider this…. Does the analogy of power as a candle appeal to you?  And is that how power has been approached in your favourite experiences of collaboration?

Imagine this…. The meme that Rachel saw also highlighted an alternative analogy for power – this time as a battery. A battery is usually depleted by sharing its’ power….. hmmmm….. What a contrast to the candle image hey!

And ponder this…. which of the two images for power – a C A N DL E or a B A T T E R Y – are you choosing to fuel your collaborations?

Concluding this…. by thanking Rachel for the conversation and wishing her well in all her great endeavours in her family and in her community, bravo Rachel!

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