Compassion – it keeps the heart of caring alive in caregiving.

A caregiving role within our family invites us into the flow of care and compassion. Perhaps we are at our best in the role when we give ourselves permission to balance the constant giving with openness to receiving some care and kindness ourselves, where-ever and whenever that shows up.

Brene Brown’s research in America explored the role of compassion in living vibrantly and found that:-

“Compassionate people ask for what they need.

They say no when they need to, and when they say yes, they mean it. 

They’re compassionate because their boundaries keep them out of resentment.”

Brene brown

So have you thought about asking for what you need lately? Have you then talked yourself out of expressing the request to someone who could assist you? (why do we do that! Foolish pride!)

And has resentment crept in lately? Have you let that be a message to yourself to ponder the boundaries involved? Are there changes to make which could shape your experience of the “next time” more favourably? Where nothing can be tweaked – you may need to resolve to choose an act of self-compassion that can follow the necessary labour – like taking 5 minutes to read something of your choosing with your feet up, looking at some natural scenery through your window whilst taking some deep breaths, maybe even stepping outdoors into nature, or doing body stretches whilst the kettle boils for that cuppa. Such actions can help to shift your emotion from the negativity of resentment as you focus on the present moment and the joy you are receiving as you choose to replenish and restore You!

Image credit – Heart Dishes by Julie Ruscello on unsplash

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