SESSION#6 – “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”

The theme for our conversation in this Zoom session on 8th July was Creative Caring

We talked about how the family carer role is an opportunity to be C R E A T I V E in so many ways.

Admittedly, when super busy it may seem easier to let go of our creative hobbies (eg knitting, music, art, making etc) but actually to be human is to be creative, and to be creative is central to our humanity. So even if short of time to be creative with our hobbies, our creativity remains within us waiting to be expressed in our approach to living.

We looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that reminds us that creativity is highly motivating to humans – sitting at the top of the motivational pyramid along with self-actualisation, personal development and problem solving. 

So, family carers are fortunate that the Carer role itself allows us to express our creative skills and attributes within our approach to caring and in the outcomes of our care:-  

  • we get to support our loved one with choosing and creating his/her own life’s goals and plan his/her adventure with him/her
  • we get to create richness of life through the caring we bring with us
  • we get to create great moments and great memories
  • we get to use our personal strengths and gifts creatively in the way we show we care
  • we get to recall the legacy of caring that other family members in earlier generations shared with us and enjoy the opportunity to pass that care along with our own stamp on it

Interestingly we finished the conversation talking about the art of African hand drumming. A pentatonic steel drum was played briefly – the harmonic beats reminding us of the harmony we get to create in various ways in our role as family carers.

This was another encouraging conversational session in the series, and we are, as ever, ready to warmly welcome other family carers who may be available to join a Zoom conversation on any of the Wednesdays during June and July – simply register for free for your available dates via Eventbrite (where you can read more about the conversational series); so that Cherie can email to you the Zoom link to connect into the conversation.

Our next conversation is on Wednesday 15th July, when we will be discussing “Quality Caring”.

These conversations are hosted by Cherie Rowett of Heart Choice Enterprises. Cherie’s commitment is to lead a themed conversation online every Wednesday during June and July, in this series titled “Talking about Caring – Family Carers in Conversation”.

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