Community Wellbeing in Winter

How tempting it can be in winter to stay inside in the warmth of our own homes! And yet heading out to participate in positive community events, can warm us from the inside out! Or at least that has been my experience of late.

Last weekend Elizabeth and I from NOW Leadership Inc went to the annual fundraising dinner for the Womens’ Community Centre of South Australia.  Wow what a night of fun and celebration. From the Aboriginal welcome to country, to the acapella songs from Africa and Persia, to the games that had many guests up and roaming the room and chatting to each other as we went, to delicious shared Indian cuisine – all the elements of the evening welcomed and relaxed us. And the longevity of friendships in the room was remarkable – therein lying a significant element of resilience for the Womens’ Centre.  What a great night out for a great cause.

And this weekend, it was a public concert that got me out of my warm cocoon at home. I am so glad I stepped out because what was evident at the concert by Tutti Arts was a mastery in co-creating an expressive, inclusive culture – harnessing and celebrating the talents of artists with disability.  The program was woven together beautifully, delivered with tolerance and dignity, and MCd with warmth and humour. There was a joy emitting from the singers and musicians alike that was positive, confident and contagious – and I imagine I am not alone in feeling lifted and inspired by what I witnessed and enjoyed there that evening – the wonderful performances and the wonderful Tutti Arts culture.

So how about you – have you been stepping out this winter beyond your own home and closest circle?  If so, I hope you’ve been met with positive values and attitudes to warm the very cockles of your heart.




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