Everything you need will come to you wth perfect timing

Hey there peeps – happy new year to you!  I am kicking off my blogging for 2019 with an update with recent changes for me in the work arena.

Displayed near my computer screen at Flinders University was a meme with this Chinese proverb:- “Everything You Need Will Come to You at the Perfect Time”.  

I love it because it speaks of faith in an ultimate Providence.

For 18 years now I have taught part-time into the Clinical Rehabilitation and then Occupational Therapy programs at Flinders Uni.  Looking back, I can see that without a doubt everything that was needed to fulfil the role did indeed appear with great timing along the way – all the better to serve and support undergraduate and post-graduate students with the face-to-face and online teaching, tutoring, topic development and coordination, and in developing student-centred teaching and learning resources.

I can see the influence of Providence all the way through and as recently as in the closing months of 2018 when the time and opportunity came to choose to resign from my role at Flinders University and redirect the focus for the next chapter of my work.

Having finished off my Uni work now, I carry in my heart much fondness and gratitude for those wonderful colleagues and students who enriched my time there.

And here we are in the first weeks of a new year – 2019!

This is traditionally the time for reviewing and renewing our life commitments, focus, habits. What perfect timing for the next chapter in a purposeful life to emerge, and in my case for Heart Choice Enterprises to now be able to receive much more of my time and attention.

No doubt Providence is present in your life too, and if you haven’t already, I invite you to reflect on how this has been apparent in recent times, and to prioritise where and how you want to direct your time and attention into the new year to capitalise on that.

Humans are occupational beings, and we can make a better world by using each day we are given well.

To that end my wish is for the grace of Providence and Prosperity to bless the path of all good endeavours in 2019 and beyond.



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