The value of harmony

HarmonyDaywebbanner-horizontal-orangeRecently my collaborators and I in NOW Leadership Academy Inc and Happy Hearts Hub invited other potential collaborators to join with us in creating a Harmony Day celebration.  It was interesting to discuss together our various views of harmony when we met.

I found myself recalling experiences of creating vocal harmony as a member of a choir.

Have you ever sung in a choir?   I’ve found that the art is in upholding your own tune together with your section, whilst balancing and coordinating with the diverse tunes and timing of the sections around you. It helps when everyone sings their parts confidently – with choir members willing and committed to coordinating their individual efforts.  And a shared vision and intention as a choir overall is essential too, to fuel the persistence in practicing for a streamlined performance.

As the choir develops more skill together, the collective beauty of what is being practiced and performed seems to call forth a greater contribution from each singer  – and you find you are in the midst of an amazing UNITY of voices and hearts that are transforming the components into a very musical whole.

When it comes to multicultural harmony I find my choir experiences can serve as a metaphor, indicating that whilst we can all benefit from the results of social harmony, we cannot take it for granted – as it is the result of honouring a co-creative process with each other and keeping our skills and willingness honed.

In Australia there is an annual day to celebrate Harmony together nationally.  Together with our collaborators we are very pleased to be co-creating an event together on Sunday 19th March in Adelaide as part of national Harmony Day celebrations in 2017.  You can find more details of our event under the Events tab on this website and on the national events register. In the meantime if you want to jump online to book in to the event you can use this link – we’d sure appreciate your presence on the day. Because EVERYONE BELONGS!

Happy Hearts Harmony Day HUB event bookings



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