Heart Choice Families – February fun!

We gathered, we did – we 4 families, being 6 parents and 8 kids – and in our gathering circle to open we each shared a highlight from our week.  We found the start of the school year and the return of busy routines was a common feature.

We then walked the 5 minute stroll to the local Croquet green where we discovered the joy of generating a pendulum-like swing of a wooden mallet to send balls rolling across the impeccable lawn towards or, better yet – through – each metal hoop.  In our teams of mixed (kids and parents) composition we hit and giggled and gratefully accepted the tuition and tips from our kind advisor, Don.

A fine afternoon was had by all.  At the end, over a cuppa together, many of us commented on the value of carving out the time to connect and share this camaraderie and an activity together.  We found it a fun activity for all – adults and kids alike (from about 8 yo up).

Even the sprinkling rain could not deter us from playing, and as it gradually got a bit heavier it added a sense of adventure to the return walk too.



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