Welcome to 2015!

Composite image of 2015

So here we are on the eve of a new year! And to celebrate this we enter the human tradition of gathering together to figuratively step across the threshold from one year into the next.

A whole range of emotions can arise in each of us at this time each year. Being together on this evening seems a natural way to share the awe of the journey through life – both the excitement of stepping into new times and new potential, and the bittersweet recalling of the joys and challenges we faced during the year we are leaving – a farewell of sorts to the events that are now part of our history.

Gathered with close friends or big crowds of strangers either way there is an interesting sense of unity on this evening. For tonight we share a common identity as members of humanity – all alive at the same time on this rotating earth, each facing the relentless march of time that defines our lifespan, each nurturing hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

If looking to be entertained on New Years Eve it seems that we can come to the conclusion that New Years Eve is somewhat overrated. If willing to open our hearts to the spirit of hope around us wherever we are gathered, it is possible to discover that New Year’s Eve can never be disappointing. Even when alone on this evening we are likely to be mindful of the special point in time this is and to feel some unity with all of humanity facing this mark of time together across the globe.  The telly can bring into our homes coverage of celebrations from around the world, tracking the rolling countdowns across the time zones. Perhaps the worldwide pull to acknowledge and celebrate this evening together comes from a deep sense that it is together that we can face anything the future holds.

My hope for 2015 is that this spirit of Unity and Hope with which we start the year together will continue to connect us all throughout the year. In the face of potential challenges facing humanity may we awaken to our possibilities, greet the future with our creative potential and choose to act for our collective good. Imagine if we chose to show up in these celebration numbers to simply create and contribute to positive changes on this earth? How much brightness of future could humanity create if we allowed this spirit of Unity to continue all year?

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