Being and Feeling

Some days are frenetically busy. They can hold an enjoyable sense of momentum and an adrenaline- filled buzz. Of course there is the risk of spiraling into stress when continuing at a high pace for too long.

Other days bring opportunity for a different rhythm. I love it when they come along. For when the pace is not frenetic and we get to breathe a little, we can gain a sense of reaching beyond autopilot to notice our feelings and to be with them as opportunity presents. I particularly love it when there is a connection between my feelings and the natural world around me – and the best times to notice that is on the days I get time to be outdoors a little.

Take these past few days which have brought warmth with summer thunderstorms and rain. On one of these days, coincidentally, my feelings were of sadness and nostalgia around a transition point that occurred for me this week.  Luckily I had a flexible schedule and as I walked back home from a local venue I found myself with a wet face despite holding my umbrella overhead – wet with the streaming tears that had to be cried.  And as I cried I noticed great synchrony with the rain I was walking through.  My tears cleansed me from the inside as Mother Nature’s downpour cleansed my surroundings.

And now in the aftermath of the rainy days we have greener and fragrant gardens for a while and yesterday I had time to sit and appreciate my garden.  Relaxing on this lazy Sunday afternoon I notice how the gentle summer breeze carries the sound of insects and birds, and how this supports my own contented feelings.  Swinging on the garden seat on the back verandah with family around in a similarly relaxed state I realise that in this space and time I am filled with a deep appreciation of the natural abundance in my life. And I became filled with gratitude for the harmony between my internal peace and the peace in my surroundings. What a privilege to be alive and to experience this serenity.

I do hope your schedule allows you too to find the simple and amazing abundance in just being, and in feeling harmony with the natural world.  It would be great if you have a moment to share such an experience here.

Rainy clouds on summer evening

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