Recalling our first “Conversational Afternoon Tea” event in November 2014

Sundays can be a day to relax and reflect and connect again with being creative or recreate-ive!  And on a particular Sunday afternoon – of all the things we have the liberty to choose to do in suburban Adelaide, Australia – how special it was to have 20 women choose to come together for a conversational afternoon tea.


Some of us at this event were friends already and many of us were meeting each other for the first time.  Common ground for all of us in the room was that we are women alive in a time and a place where we have the liberty, rights, responsibilities and resources to ponder our life’s purpose.


The topics of conversation that were facilitated got us away from our usual rut of conversation in our daily lives, inviting us to think about the significance of aspects of our lives and our lives overall.  Connecting just as we are – outside of women’s typical roles in family and work settings – was a particular gift of such an event.


I know I speak for Sue Lohmeyer, Elizabeth Ellames and Gail Glastonbury (my collaborators in this project) in saying we delighted in creating the context for women to express themselves and be heard, and especially to experience a sense of community in doing so. We see the event as the first of a series of community gatherings for women that we intend to host, and we draw encouragement from the wonderful vibe at this first event.


We have created the Happy Hearts Community facebook page and we invite anyone with an interest in happiness and community to connect on that page – it is a public page and broad membership is welcome.  Anyone who knows that community can create happy hearts is welcome!   Here are a few photos from the day.

the team 2 Nov 2014gatheringconversation in action



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