The next chapter….

nido d'amore


Recently we have been replacing a 30 year old outdoor structure in our backyard – before it falls down! And the old materials that have been taken down are now being loaded into a large commercial bin for removal and recycling. What a big and tedious job before we get to enjoy the light and bright (and safe) new structure that will be built soon. Looking at the huge pile of material to shift today, I feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the task. If I had to approach this disposal process on my own I might not!, but with the combined efforts of the whole family it becomes do-able and proceeds with a momentum – courtesy of our combined persistence, cooperation and encouragement.

As we shift this seemingly endless pile of deconstructed “stuff” across to the skip and recycling, I think of a time decades ago when a different family to ours would have been thrilled to be purchasing these as new materials and cutting them to size to create the outdoor space of their dreams. A wave of nostalgia hits me. I did not know them but I acknowledge their care of this space and their creativity, as we now bring our renewal to it – with our new vision, current materials and our teamwork.

And perhaps in another 30 years another family will be updating the space again as we are doing now, and leaving their mark on this part of the world.

These reflections as we work together today make the task much more meaningful. I become mindful of the creative spirit and custodian role we bring to our living spaces. For we are part of a never ending story – the past, the present and the future.  This big task is now part of our family history – memorable because we are achieving it together.  And it is forming part of the story of this house and yard.

We are filled with gratitude as we choose to contribute in a positive way to our living space – and get to work together to get there.  I wonder if you have an example to share of a positive practical project together in your family?

One thought on “The next chapter….

  1. Brilliant Cherie – what a beautiful story of team work and respect – a true “heart choice” task in progress 🙂

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