Head and Heart at work

As a working woman I am sure it is that necessary combination of my mind and heart in my work role which has held my interest for decades now in my chosen vocation.

I do need to invest intellect and rationality in assessing, recommending and providing relevant interventions to a competent standard when I am in work mode. But even as a qualified allied health professional with a defined role, a specific skill base and a professional code of ethics to guide practice, there is no risk that I could ever be valuable if I became robotic around that information base.

A purely rational approach would not allow me to successfully tailor my work skills to meet the needs of each client and customer. The term “therapeutic use of self” arises in the literature for my profession – alerting us to the fact interpersonal skills are highly necessary in delivering our services – and become an in-extractible part of the therapeutic process. Thus I cannot leave my heartspace at home when I go to work – it must accompany me and be used there – with a specific purpose of course.

We all need an emotional rudder to balance our intellect. I cannot think of any workplace where a culture of intellect and expert knowledge alone would ever be sufficient to serve the customers well, nor the workers themselves. Long live emotional-intellectual balance for effectively delivering our work skills and expert knowledge, and as a feature of our workplace culture wherever we work. Do you agree?

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  1. So true Cherie – we can’t be effective social creatures if our creative and vital spirit is not intact and available … And just want to add I love how you write from the place of a true humanitarian – great stuff 🙂

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