Playful Co-creation

Led by our son, last week we ended up milking the last of daylight saving for all it was worth. Walking through the door at 6pm after a full day at work, I am usually ready to sit down and slow down. But most days last week my enthusiastic 7 year old’s welcome-home greeting was an immediate heartfelt request to “come on out and play AFL in the back yard, Mum”….

Not at all a football fan, such a moment tests my value system – should I follow and connect around my child’s interests? Or do I counter-suggest a less active indoor activity to indulge my preferences at this time of day? The opportunity to connect on his terms wins – and so out I go, laughing within at the passion of this small lad-turned-whistle-touting-and-rather-bossy umpire. For twenty rough and tumble minutes he and his dad and me run around in the backyard like mad things, representing various teams, tackling with a vengeance, kicking wildly and sometimes accurately, bouncing, hand-balling, jumping for ball-ups, taking it in turns as ref, and laughing lots at our own silly jokes.

By the time we return inside each evening, our family unity and our good humour are both high, and our lungs are full of fresh air. What better way to finish the day could there be?

The footie culture is not my cup of tea but by bringing this activity with such passion into our back yard last week, my son helped to provide a fun context in which we co-created family togetherness, relaxation, love and laughter.  Gratitude swells my heart.

I invite you to share your gratitude here if anyone in your life, has recently taken a lead with co-creating your family culture playfully?



4 thoughts on “Playful Co-creation

  1. Thank you Cherie for sharing your life with us… And I think that is part of the magic really. Remembering to SHARE our life with each other. 🙂 You and your family were indeed sharing your life that night. ❤

  2. Beautiful story Cherie in saying yes to life and sharing moments in time with the people you care about. There is no nothing quite like letting go of pre conceived beliefs and ideas and simply surrendering in the moment to connect with others . Thank you for sharing ❤

    1. Thanks Malcolm for your perspective – love the discussion and good to hear from someone who knows the program too. Yes – Trina is flawed too – and that is part of her creative drive. Love her passion, dislike her manipulations. Some trust in providence -instead of desperation – might allow her to notice her writing gift and use it well and consciously. Am sure this cartoon got under my skin for a reason – a powerful message for girls of today when I stop to polish of the layer of my annoyed reaction!

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