Welcome to the Heart Choice Enterprises website!

Wellbeing and Resilience are essentials for successful and sustainable human enterprise.

Humanity is constantly evolving – change is certain.

In many service-based industries and enterprises the nature of the work is highly humane and person-centred. For example consider innovative endeavours in fields such as health, disability, education and employment – where the value proposition always relates to co-creating an inclusive society with a good quality of life for all.   Acknowledging this profound mission at the core, highlights the importance of proactively promoting Well-being and Resilience for all involved in such enterprises.

The VISION of Heart Choice Enterprises is Vitality in Life, Relationships and Business;  and   Connected Mind & Heart for Excellence in Service.

The MISSION of Heart Choice Enterprises is to promote and cultivate personal and community Wellbeing and Resilience in service oriented enterprise

The ACTION of Heart Choice Enterprises is to co-create, educate and consult so that WellBeing and Resilience practices grow and flourish

With experience in the health and disability and higher education sectors combined with professional training as an occupational therapist, I have an informed yet practical approach to promoting wellbeing and resilience practices.

If my consulting to support Wellbeing and Resilience may be of  assistance to you and/or in your enterprise/project team, please call me on 0401 065 234 or email me at heartchoiceenterprises@iinet.net.au.   I welcome your call to discuss your requirements, and tailor a package to your needs.

I hope that your connection with this website and blog site encourages you in your quest for more well-being and harmony on our planet.


Cherie Rowett – Founder and Creative Director

Heart Choice Enterprises – promoting Well-being and Resilience 


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