Family Carers and Support Workers provide important practical assistance that requires care, compassion and consideration of others before self.  And….at times the role can feel challenging, invisible and thankless.

The core business of Heart Choice Enterprises is to support carers and support workers, and thus to enhance the quality of care and support available for people living with disability or chronic health conditions.

  • The VISION of Heart Choice Enterprises is empathetic and effective care and support that nurtures Quality of Life for all involved.
  • The MISSION of Heart Choice Enterprises is to cultivate Praxis, Wellbeing and Resilience with the people who perform carer roles and support roles.
  • The ACTION of Heart Choice Enterprises is to Consult, Educate and Co-create.

The Heart Choice Enterprises Approach 

Heart Choice Enterprises brings an informed yet practical approach to supporting Praxis for purpose, Wellbeing and Resilience in the care and support arena.

So what do these concepts mean?

Human Wellbeing is essentially about flourishing – where the quest for meaning and purpose is central., and where doing, being and becoming are key. Resilience is about being able to “bounce back” from short term stress, and also about being adaptable to minimise long term stress.  And Praxis involves putting purpose and ideas into action that activate and support universal wellbeing. 

Empathy has a key role in relation to all three:- well-being, resilience and praxis.  And for this reason I have a passion for nurturing empathy.

How can Heart Choice Enterprises help?   

Heart Choice Enterprises provides processes that nurture empathy, praxis, wellbeing and resilience through facilitation, consulting, mentoring, education and professional development in the disability sector – for individuals, families, friends, and employee groups.  See the Programs and Services tab, remembering that Programs and Services can also be tailored to your needs – so be sure to enquire with Cherie Rowett on M: 0401 065 234.

For an indication of whether Heart Choice Enterprises may be of help to you – you may like to consider whether you, or the support staff you employ, can relate to any of the following questions….

  • Is it important to have a “can do” attitude towards “disability”?
  • Which activities will assist health and wellbeing with the person/people I care for?
  • How is my role contributing to positive behaviours?
  • Do I have a compass to guide me when the role gets challenging?
  • How can I constructively handle impatience and frustration when they arise?
  • Do I have enough coping strategies for this line of work?
  • What does it mean to provide relationship-centred care?
  • Can my presence and attention add value in the caring role?
  • Have I got the balance right between creating connection and having boundaries?
  • Where does my own Quality of Life fit in with this care and support role?
  • How do I keep on giving of myself without burning out?

If any of these issues strike a chord, then please contact Heart Choice Enterprises by calling Cherie Rowett to discuss your requirements on 0401 065 234 or via email at:- cherie.rowett@iinet.net.au

Mindful and Heartfelt – the best way forward!


Cherie Rowett 

Consultant and Director

Heart Choice Enterprises – Praxis, Well-being and Resilience 



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